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Assuming L.A. does get an expansion team - but they won't if Tom Benson moves the Saints there - San Antonio is considered the favorite to land the other franchise that would be inevitably have to be created as well due to its 1.1 million-plus population; but one factor works against San Antonio, and that's its per capita income, which is less than $18,000 (how can you afford to buy tickets to NFL games when you aren't even making 18 grand a year?). That puts Portland and Columbus into the hopper, with Hartford or even a third New York City team also possibilities (but scratch the latter if the Jets do get a new stadium in Manhattan). Real longshots include Honolulu and Las Vegas.

Columbus' cause could be hurt by the possibility of another realignment hassle: The NFL has already gone on record as saying that any L.A. expansion team would go into the NFC, and Fox would scream bloody murder if CBS got all three Ohio markets, which they would if Columbus went into the AFC (and the "blackout radius overlap" between Columbus and both Cleveland and Cincinnati would present all sorts of logistical problems). That means one NFC team would have to be moved to the AFC - and while Seahawks owner Paul Allen wanted to stay in the AFC West when the 2002 realignment occurred, there's no guarantee that he will feel the same way come 2008, widely regarded as the target date for when the NFL "must" return to Los Angeles.

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