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Default Pregame thoughts of Game 2

Actually, after thinking about it, I think the Mavericks will win Game 2 because the Mavericks won't miss that many open shots again and you'll never ever again see that stretch of 7 scoreless minutes the Mavericks had in Game 1 now that the rust is off.

And because Nellie and Del Harris are 2 of the best X's and O's people in the game. They're going to have something "special" for tomorrow I bet. I really don't think home court means much in any series until the ultimate deciding game (Game 5 in the first round, Game 7 in other rounds. Just look at Game 5 of all first round series this season). Especially in this series with 2 of the better road teams in the league.

Originally posted by Brian:

No I would never say Mavs in 4 the Kings are too good to lose to the Mavs in 4 games, Kings played great defence tonight, Doug Christie is such a great defender and anyone who wants to learn how to play defence watch Doug Christie.
Yeah Doug Christie is definitely an unsung hero on this team. I don't know where this team would be without his defense. Nick Anderson played that spot previously here and he was horrible and a crybaby to his own team.

Now having said that do you know what I would do if I was Dallas? You can't let Divac and Webber dominate in the post if they're going to setup shop down there time and time again. I would take Christie's man and use him to double team Webber and Divac all the time from the start of the game because Christie had a horrible shooting Game 1 and really didn't do anything big offensively till he hit that big left wing three late in 4th Quarter.

Originally posted by mjames:

The Kings do have a tendancy to get on the refs and start blaming them - it effects their play.
Yeah that's true. They did that that Utah series too. Other team's busy scoring while their complaining. Vlade's a great, nice guy off the court but he should just shut up sometimes. He really didn't have anything to complain about Game 1. Webber though I thought kind of got jobbed with those fouls. 5 or at least 4 of those were offensive but I've seen other post guys on other teams back down defenders like Chris did and never get called for the charge.
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