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Originally Posted by NYG Babe 28
9. For an hour, refer to everyone you speak with as "Barbara"
I don't know why this reminded me of this story I am about to tell, but...

...most of my friends live in another town over an hour away, so usually when we hit up bars and I am bored I like to play a game where I completely make-up a whole new identity and life for myself.

It usually starts when I am talking to a girl and ask where she is from (my friends live in a college town, and I am only 22 so it usually safe to say that the girl in which I am visiting with is from out of town, as well) and then reply with "That's where I am from." I start asking her if she knew so-and-so, and I mention that he is my next door neighbor or my best friend growing up, yada, yada, yada, etc.

My favorite identity has been Carl Peterson, because (no offense to you women on this board) I have yet to meet a woman who has connected his name to that of the Chiefs' President.

It is a fun game to play until they catch on or my friends blow my cover by referring to me as Toby.
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