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Originally Posted by boston_aloha View Post
I was the master of hanging signs on backs when I was on a ship in the Navy. Funny... s'times I would put the vulgarist signs (like: "I gargle cum for quarters")... Once I put a sign on my LPO's (boss) back that read "I'm the b1tch at home too" He went into the CO's stateroom and left... the Captain stopped him on the way out, read it, and NEVER told him!! :lol: he came back and we were laughing at him. That was a cool CO.
So after all those funny ones and vulgar ones, guess which one got me in trouble and made me stop? This HT (an engineer) came up to our space and I put a sign on his back that read "I wish I was an OS" OS is Operations Specialist (thats what I was)... anyway, he wore the sign back down to his engineering spaces and everyone laughed at him and he got "offended" and reported it, so they told me to stop. What a little pu$$y...
That's funny. Some people are just lame and sensitive and can't take a joke! LOL! But that is hysterical! I'm surprised you didn't get in more trouble for putting the sign on your LPO's back! I could see him feeling offended by that and lashing out at you. I guess all in all you were lucky to get by as long as you did without gettign in trouble! LOL!
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