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Originally Posted by NYG Babe 28 View Post
Ok... I am soooo BORED at work! So I am coming up with a list of
FUN THINGS TO DO AT WORK .... please feel free to add...
babe... good stuff...

A few additions:

31...Leap up from crowded meetings unexpectedly yelling 'diarrhea and head for bathroom; watch everyone jump out of your way...

32...Store your son's ant farm collection in the corporate coffee room...

33...Refer frequently to your bosses' wife by name while you talk on the cell phone and hope he overhears you...

34...Add laxative tablets to boiling coffee urns (helps when combined with #31)...

35...Send a wideband e-mail to as many people as you can think of and title it: What To Do When You Are Infected.
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