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dhav makes a beautiful, impeccable point. It should have dawned on me as I read it, but dhav really nailed it.

Ogunleye is NOT a 3-4 end. HOWEVER, I think if the Texans were to do this trade (this isn't the Miami trade I've heard about recently, though) they'd move him to OLB.

Don't know if Ogunleye has any coverage skills, though, and I don't know how tough he would be against the run standing up. It's an interesting thought, but ultimately a mistake, I think, for the Dolphins to grab a completely unproven QB who's only coming back to football because he couldn't hit single-A level pitching...

The Miami trade I HAD heard about involved a trade with Washington, however.

We're all familiar with the fact that the 'Skins are hot and heavy for Brunell. Well, if the Skins do complete a trade for Brunell, there is speculation that the Fish may trade with Washington to obtain Patrick Ramsey. Exactly what they'd trade, I don't recall.

Personally, I'd take Ramsey over Henson at this point. If Henson were just coming from college, maybe I'd have more respect for him, but till he proves he "can make plays other QBs can't" like he claims, he's a guy who hasn't played football in 3 years who didn't have the hand-eye coordination to hit a curve... why should I believe he has the mentality to read an NFL defense?

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