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Left field and second base aren't two different things?

Say he goes to left field and is average. He was only average at second base, so this might be a bit of a stretch. But, just for the sake of argument, let's say that he is equal in fielding ability at both spots.

Now, he has a contract up. With all things equal, he's going to want to play second base. Why? A 2nd baseman with his power numbers is harder to come by than an outfielder with those numbers. A team would love to add Soriano as a second basemen on a free agent contract, but will be less inclined to take him at second base.

He has to be better at fielding his position in the outfield than he is at fielding second base to earn the same money in his next contract.

I'm not saying he has to... he can walk anytime he wants and someone else will pick him up.
Soriano can't walk and get picked up by another team, though. He'd have to sit out this season and try to hope a team signs him after a year of no ball. He wouldn't get paid and would risk getting paid a lot less next season.

So, your argument is nice on the surface, it just doesn't dig deep enough.

Players probably refuse to bat in certain spots of the order more than we think they do. Bobby Abreu refused to bat leadoff for the Phillies and has basically demanded to hit in certain spots of the order, which is bad because he should be hitting sixth. Just need to live with it. You might not want to balance their desire to earn a living with winning, but it has to be done.
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