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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Cassel in the second year of McDaniel's offense has the potential to be a consistent, top ten type quarterback. And to call him a QB who couldn't even lead his team into the playoffs is ridiculous, because Cassel played dynamite football down the stretch and the Pats finished 11-5! Favre, meanwhile, played horribly down the stretch and singlehandedly cost the Jets a division championship. I guarantee you, even if they were looking for a cheaper alternative, Belichick wants no part of Favre and they'd have been better off with Derek Anderson or something, anyway.

Plus, if Favre wouldn't back up Rodgers in Green Bay where he's a demigod, why would he take a paycut to whither away in New England?
Terrific down the stretch against teams such as the Seahawks, Raiders, Cardinals, Bills... wow. The Patriots went 1-4, against playoff teams in the regular season.

It didn't seem as if anyone wanted a part of the likes of Randy Moss or Corey Dillon and they seemed to do well. Heck, Moss's career looked as if it were over, now he holds the record for TD's in a season. Farve can still play well, but not for the whole season. That is why he'd be the perfect fit in New England to keep the QB seat very hot for Brady's return.

He would have to consider that pay cut you speak of because of the basic desire of all competitors to win it all.
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