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Everyone will be singing an entirely different tune about Matt Ryan a year from now, after the huge jump in strength of schedule the Falcons are taking in '09 has kept their no-two-winning-seasons-in-a-row curse intact and they finish 7-9.

And if I were a 49ers fan I'd root my lungs off for Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl (I'll be doing so anyway even though I'm not one) - since if the Steelers do win, that puts the Cardinals on the business end of the Super Bowl Runner-Up Jinx, and if they don't win the NFC West next year, it almost has to be the 49ers who do; not only that, but with the NFC East having about a Category 2 hurricane blowing in its face next year courtesy of the schedule, and the NFC South a flat-out Category 5, the NFC West winner has a better-than-even shot at a first-round bye.
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