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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
Junie Browning II. It seems like he's going out of his way to antagonize people. And he has good kicks.

Actually, Junie didn't seem to be constantly looking for a (non-sanctioned) fight the way Jamie is. What do you think about him?

If you like Rashad, chances are you really love Jamie; and those who dislike Rashad must think Jamie is the absolute Antichrist.

But I think Jamie is potentially better off than Rashad: He has much better size (especially with him at 185 and Rashad, at least for the time being, at 205) than Rashad, he doesn't seem to be "boring" - either inside the cage or outside of it! - and his overall skill-set appears to be more diverse than Rashad's was when he fought in the house.

Essentially, Jamie is a scaled-up version of Rashad, in more ways than one (and I see absolutely nothing of Junie in him; Junie came across as a whiny "victim" who thought everyone else was "bullying" him. Jamie is the diametrical opposite of that).

btw, I did check out three Sean McCorkle fights on YouTube, but I don't think I was struck the way you were. He's a huge guy, and he's obviously got some power, but the matches I saw were mostly clinching and laying on top of dudes. He does have impressive finishing power in his ground and pound, but I didn't see anything in the way of stand-up, and his grappling didn't appear to be anything special. He's very good at using his size. Is he from the Bay Area?

No one would ever accuse him of being soft, huh?

And actually he's from Indianapolis; among his teammates/training partners are Jake O'Brien, Chris Lytle, Matt Mitrione, and Shamar Bailey. They're presently training out of Indiana BJJ (the one in Greenwood, just south of the Indianapolis city limits) as their original dojo, Integrated Fighting Academy, apparently went out of business.
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