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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
If you like Rashad, chances are you really love Jamie; and those who dislike Rashad must think Jamie is the absolute Antichrist.
I'm pretty neutral on Rashad, but I suspect I'm going to end up despising Yager. Does this mean you love Jamie?

According to Sherdog, he has one of the stupidest nicknames I have ever seen: Jamie "The Chosyn 1" Yager.

Originally Posted by Anthony
his overall skill-set appears to be more diverse than Rashad's was when he fought in the house.
I suspect you're right, since Rashad was basically just a wrestler then, but have we seen Yager do anything but throw a couple of kicks at this point? I don't know anything about his ground game or grappling, or even his boxing.

Originally Posted by Anthony
(and I see absolutely nothing of Junie in him; Junie came across as a whiny "victim" who thought everyone else was "bullying" him. Jamie is the diametrical opposite of that).
Junie thought others were bullying him? I never got that. I do agree that Yager appears to be taking on the role of a bully.

Junie has obvious psychological issues, and he also took advantage of the medium to get some extra publicity through his behavior. Where I see a similarity is that they were both deliberately disruptive, drawing attention to themselves by acting like jackasses.

Originally Posted by Anthony
Essentially, Jamie is a scaled-up version of Rashad
Jamie doesn't remind me of Rashad nearly as much as he does Nate Diaz. Maybe Nate would have been a better comparison than Junie.

Originally Posted by Anthony
No one would ever accuse him of being soft, huh?
I would doubt it. Outside of maybe Kalib Starnes, though, how many high-level MMA fighters would really face an accusation of being soft?

Did you see Bleacher Report's list of Top 10 Fighters Who Could Drop A Weight Class (And How They'd Fare)? I don't know what I think of the list, since all of the fighters are big names who are successful in their current divisions, but (no surprise) Rashad is one of them. Of course, so are Fdor Emelianenko, Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, and Frankie Edgar. Yeah, those guys are getting killed in their current weight classes.
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