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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
Whew, very disappointing night from Strikeforce. Three lop-sided fights go the distance with minimal action, capped off by an ugly brawl. Nick and Nate need a goddam baby-sitter. The Cesar Gracie camp has serious issues with professionalism and respect for the sport, and it may have just killed Strikeforce.
Maybe they should have Seth Petruzelli fight on their next card - on the theory that like cures like? :lol:

Is he Korean? To me, "The Chosyn 1" looks like the way a guy who's been hit in the head too many times thinks it would be cool to spell "The Chosen One". It looks like he's ripping off Justin McCully, who has an incredibly stupid nickname to begin with. Who looks at McCully and thinks, "Man, that guy has got the right idea"?
If he was (half) Korean, he would be another Hines Ward - but that's not what I was suggesting; maybe he spent some time training in Korea or admires Korean martial-arts disciplines for some reason? BJ Penn is also half Korean, so maybe there's a tie-in there.

Yeah, I was shocked by how easily he won. I think he lost a lot of fans in that fight, though. That was lay and pray. He didn't attempt any subs, he didn't improve his position, and he didn't land very many strikes from guard. He just stayed on top and wouldn't let the guy up.
Black wrestlers are awesome!

Denis Kang, Melvin Manhoef, and Jacare aren't exactly nobodies. And Gegard looked really impressive in his wins. It wasn't just that he kept winning, he did it in dominant fashion. But I guess if you don't have takedown defense, and you've got Big John reffing, you're going to spend 25 minutes on your back and lose a decision.
Yeah, Melvin Manhoef - another dude I would give anything in the world to see Rashad fight; since if he did, they would be pointing at Manhoef afterwards and saying, "Uh oh ... better get Maaco!"

I'd be interested to see Mo fight a guy with a really good offensive guard, or top-notch takedown defense. BTW, were you at all surprised at how easily Shields kept taking down Henderson?
Dan Henderson is getting old ... and with Gilbert Melendez winning as well, I'd say it was quite a night for San Francisco - but enough of one to get something on at the Cow Palace?

Yeah, now that you mention it I do remember one time he used that phrase, out on the balcony I think. Just the once though, wasn't it?
He may have physically used the term only once, but he was playing the "size card" virtually throughout the show.

Well, his tedious fight against Mayhem certainly earned some unhappy comments, but I don't recall people accusing him of being "soft", just a boring wrestler.
Well it's closely related; "lay-and-pray," etc., are essentially thinly-veiled euphemisms for "finesse."

I would have been surprised if he wasn't on the list. I've never disagreed that he's a relatively small 205, and the rest of the list was also guys who don't need to cut a weight class. Does anyone really think Edgar would be better off fighting at 145, or that Fdor should cut to MW?
You know and I know that Edgar-Penn II is going to go exactly the same way as Serra-GSP II went - and that's if Frankie Edgar is lucky! But so far as Rashad goes, he would be a very different fighter style-wise if he came down from 205 (not that his present style bothers me personally - but again, I'm not the kind of MMA fan they're courting).
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