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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
Yeah, I had Jackson winning that fight, too. I've seen much worse decisions -- that was a close fight -- but it was 48-47 Rampage on my card. That said, the "old Rampage" would have destroyed Forrest. He just doesn't look explosive. The slams are gone, the unbridled aggression is gone. Win or lose, he didn't look particularly good against Griffin or Jardine.

Mir-Christison at UFC 61 being one such decision.

That doesn't make any sense. It was legal in Pride, so obviously it wouldn't merit disqualification. Yeah, he can't soccer kick him here, but there's no reason to think he'll try. Rua absolutely dominated that fight, and the kicks to a downed opponent were incidental. It was just a matter of time in that match. It was a one-sided beatdown from the start.

But that doesn't stop Rampage from holding a grudge over the experience - a reference to which even appeared in Men's Fitness (or was it Muscle & Fitness?). And if Shogun is so invincible, how did Dana White overlook him, allowing him to fight for Strikeforce after he came over here from Japan? Surely you're familiar with the story of The Count of Monte Cristo - well that's how I see Rampage.

That was almost four years ago. Since then Belfort is 6-1 with 5 T/KO, and the loss a decision to Dan Henderson. He looked great in his last fight, dismantling Rich Franklin at 195.

Anyway, you could say the same thing about Rua against Griffin or Coleman. Shogun is obviously not the same fighter he was two or three years ago. I think he would massacre Rampage, but I might change my mind if Jackson gets past Rashad.

Guess you had to be there that night; it got so bad that objects were being thrown at the cage (then again it might have simply been that kind of night, as the James Irvin-Bobby Southworth fiasco also occurred thereon).

Would you care to make a (non-monetary) wager on Evans-Jackson? Maybe for what we put in our signatures? You seem pretty confident about Rampage.

What do you have in mind?

And did you see UFC Primetime last night? Pretty slick pro-Rashad propaganda piece, no?
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