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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
I don't know. It could be something on-topic about whether Rashad should drop to 185, something about Donovan McNabb, something silly... hadn't really thought it out.

That's all right. We've got time I suppose.

I didn't see UFC Primetime; switched it off after TUF. Are they playing up Rashad as the "good guy"? BTW, what did you think of the wild card picks? McCray over Hammortree didn't sit real well with me.

Let's just say this: If you watched the whole thing, it would have made you want to walk on the other side of the street if Rampage was coming toward you on the sidewalk, while making Rashad seem as approachable as an auto salesman.

But I noted how much deeper Rampage's voice is than Rashad's, among other things. To someone with an admittedly narrow, traditionalistic mindset, Rampage seems so much more "like a man" than Rashad, on every conceivable level.

And on MMA Live on ESPN, it said that Matt Mitrione may next fight at UFC 117 in Oakland, which I of course will be attending; and if he does fight, his entire entourage from Indianapolis figures to be there as well (plus Nathan Marquardt may be fighting Rousimar Palhares at the same event - which is sure to lure many of his fellow Greg Jackson fighters, including Rashad; Rampage is also almost certain to be there as he has family in Oakland).

I'm thinking of bringing a webcam along, so everyone can follow me.

As for the wild cards, it hardly matters to me since I can't see beyond Kyle Noke and Jamie Yager for the contract (and you know of course that the "big announcement" in next week's episode is going to be Nick Ring's withdrawal due to his knee injury).

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