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Originally Posted by CKFresh
It seems that every time I hear about some anti-women's-rights (pro-life) group it happens in Kansas.
You mean like when the Ohio legislature cut over $1 million in funding in a 2004 budget amendment from Planned Parenthood affiliates and rerouted the taxpayers money to local health departments that do not perform abortions?

Maybe you were talking about Bob Taft signing House Bill 239 that declared the state of Ohio's preference for childbirth over abortion and prohibits the use of public funding to subsidize abortion for poor women?

But, there is also the possibility you were talking about the "Choose Life" license plates in Ohio where twenty dollars from the sale of the plates go to a Choose Life Fund that distributes money to private, non-profit groups that support adoption, and makes an agency that mentions abortion as an option inelligble for funding.

The only pro-life groups you hear about are from Kansas? I doubt it.

I just thought your statement "I normally disagree with things that happen in Kansas" was pretty foolish and absurd.
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