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A couple sleeper teams:

1. Seattle -- Yes, they have a couple receivers in Koren Robinson and Darrell Jackson who are really going to breakout. They were on a tear in the second-half of 2002, along with Matt Hasselback, who finished red-hot. If Shaun Alexander can give them more consistent running and their defense makes strides, they could win around nine games.

2. San Diego -- Assuming David Boston's injury woes are behind him, I really like the young nucleus of this team. They have the runner in Tomlinson, the passer in Brees, and the aforementioned Boston. Scary. Consider it the poor man's Manning/James/Harrison.

3. Baltimore -- They are recovering from salary cap hell and with the return of Jamal Lewis and Ray Lewis, I think they could win nine or 10. Billick practically got them there last year without anybody -- he's a great coach.

4. Cleveland -- I also think the Browns are going to continue their upward climb. William Green really came on late last year and is going to be a Pro Bowl-level player eventually. Their young receivers such as Quincy Morgan have a lot of upside, as well.

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