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Originally Posted by Alex View Post
The 2005 season is over. Deal with it. Trust me, I wish it was still 2005 but it isn't. What West Virginia did to the '05 Georgia team should have no impact on the rankings at this point in the season.

Please post the SOS rankings you use to develop your rankings. SOS is a worthless claim without anything to back it up with.
I agree that the Sugar Bowl has no impact on the rankings this year. My point here is that I believe the Big East is a worthy BCS conference and used historical evidence to back that up. Evidence where the Big East beat the SEC since the two conferences haven't played each other this year.

My SOS rankings are from Jeff Sagarin of USA Today. SOS plays a role in my decision making. It isn't the whole basis of my poll. I believe Sagarin is credible for several reasons...

1. If you believe in the BCS you must acknowledge Sagarin because he is a hand of the system.

2. Jeff Sagarin is an agent of a poll that determined national champions in prior years.

3. If a playoff ever comes to fruition it is my belief Sagarin and/or the entity he now represents will play a factor.

I have everyone covered there. The pro-BCS people, the old poll people, and the playoff people. The only way to discredit him is to be a staunch traditionalist (as I am) and not recognize national champions at all.

Anyway, the basis of my post was to show that I believe all the teams I have ahead of Arkansas/any SEC team deserve their ranking. I'd be more than happy to go over any specific team that you'd like and why they deserve to be in over Arkansas or any other SEC team.
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