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Originally Posted by StealthElephant View Post
Awesome, I'm waiting for them to come back to NJ, word is they'll be in the meadowlands again before the end of the year.

UFC 73 was a really good card, but they hyped it soo much being "stacked" with big fights that it was bound to be slightly anti-climactic. The Tito fight really was a letdown....first because it was a draw, and second because neither fighter really showed any killer instinct.

That's right - UFC 78 in November is being planned for East Rutherford.

But how well-versed are you about mixed martial arts, Stealth? Why should Rashad - who was conceding a 3 1/2-inch height disadvantage - have just stood there and let Tito knock him out?

I'm guessing that Rashad is probably going to drop to the 185-pound division after the rematch with Tito, which is now on for UFC 77 in Cincinnati on October 20th - and may eventually end up fighting at 170 (he wrestled at 174 in his senior year in college - as did Josh Koscheck, who is now fighting at 170). Clearly Rashad is way too small to stay at light-heavyweight - and would be borderline at best even as a middleweight.
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