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DETMURDS has a little shameless behavior in the past

Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
-What's wrong with having an ordinary country?


Ha. The Iraq was/is a fight for our survival? But nobody wants to get into this debate again... it is an old one, one that never gets anywhere, and is debated over and over again.

-Saying that the people have the power in America is like saying that the shareholders of a company have the power of a corporation. The people with money and connections to the government run it... not the ordinary people.

- I also find it funny that the world constantly destroys itself and we sit here expecting something different. It's a cycle of life- as Schopenhauer would call it: will.

And we run from death, thinking that it isn't coming. We think that fighting wars is going to lead us to the promise land, only to realize that the promise land was one big lie: a mirage.

We take our government officials seriously when selfishness is the the quintessential element of human beings and then we act astonished that elected human beings have put their own carriers above the common good of the people.

I'm in no way condoning selfishness, in fact just the opposite. I'm just not going to sit and act like America, or any other cause, are some hero's out to save the mortality of the world. I'm going to die, these leaders that some of us look up to as heroes, and the memories all of this destruction will not even exist in the near future.

I'm just going to sit here, stop kidding myself, and enjoy the show for however it lasts for me. As Fernando Pessoa once said, " Walk empty handed, for the wise is the man who contents himself with the spectacle of the world."
Sounds like you just don't care in funny way? It also sounds like you seem to forget that the USA became a country by fighting a war, and remained a country by fighting several wars.

You are entitled to you thoughts, least in this country you are.
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