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Steve, aside from schedule, what's not to like about the Steelers? They're doing everything they want to do. And, relatively easily. Yeah, they haven't played the best teams in the league, but... who on your top 6 list has?

The Pats have played The Jets (who are mediocre, AND they were caught cheating), the Norv Turners (who may get to .500, but I'm starting to doubt it), and the Bills, who suck, and who Pittsburgh beat up on first.

The Colts had their statement game out of the gate, and have reverted to the so-so form they exhibited during most of last season. Good enough to win games, but... kinda blah.

The 'Boys look good on offense, but their defense, against a real O, I think is highly suspect. Last night's game shouldn't be the proof in that defensive pudding, and we all know why.

I like that Favre looks determined to go a winner, but... it's Favre. The only thing that would make me trust this team less is if Warner, Rodgers or Alex Smith were their QB.

I think Jacksonville is toast. Del Rio is fired at year's end. I believe this completely. They won yesterday but will be lucky to win more than six games.

My top six includes most of the same teams, but in a different order:
Sea/Hou/Car (I can't decide between these three)
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