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Iím not going to attempt to pick all the spreads this early in the week. Here are my picks for Turkey Day, the rest will follow later in the week.
Thursday, November 22, 2007 THANKSGIVING DAY GAMES
Green Bay Packers -4
Detroit Lions

Detroit has a habit of playing well on Thanksgiving day even when they are an awful team, so this was actually a hard pick to make, but I think Favre and the Packers prevail by 5 at the least.
New York Jets
Dallas Cowboys -14.5

Jets had their day in the sun last week when they defeated Pittsburgh. Dallas has been much more consistent this year and wonít be giving the Jets an opportunity to be in this game.
Indianapolis Colts
Atlanta Falcons +13

Colts are simply too banged up and playing like it. Peyton Manning will continue to hold this team together for the win, but I simply canít give that many points.
The rest of the week will follow later. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy your turkey and football!!!
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