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Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
I'm sure it all worked out, Buck, since the kids shut down at 11:00 for the same mistaken reason...
They never "turn it on"...

Officially my fault cuz I didn't get the last word on the early release but I can't keep up with these fools and their ways.

You vote at my the gym. The gym is under partial renovation (think I mentioned this in the WTF thread) and that led to some logistical nightmares and then blah blah blah. Thought we were getting out early cuz we didn't have a place to have 6th period lunch or a place to have kids get picked up (due to construction vehicles) but someone figured it out.

More than likely...someone just said to hell wit it.

I don't know and don't care.

I just teach til they tell me to stop. Nobody is listening anyway.

This is how each day ends anyway (shortened or not)...
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