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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
It's not only about the levees.

How about the appoint of Mike Brown (a horse trainer) to the head of FEMA?

You don't need to be so condescending Buck. Just because you disagree with me doesn't make me a moron, or closed-minded, or "hopeless."

I respect your views, I wish you would afford me the same respect.
The fact I'm tryin' to slap ya around a little means I think there could be hope for ya CK.

Take it as a compliment.

Of course it isn't just about the levees but the whole PROCESS (which entails all actions of the government including appointments like Mike Brown) for 75 YEARS was a failure.

That a broken record...both parties failed miserably at SEVERAL points throughout the 20th century ON ALL LEVELS.

The reason it works me up a little is that by not recognizing this you're STILL playing politics with people who had already been living a life of hell before they were murdered by the government.

When you do this...THAT tells me you've seen or known nothing (to reference the MLK thread) of hardship. If you did, you'd have some apathy, outrage or some other emotion aside from political grandstanding.

So you'll have to excuse me when I chide you for such an attitude as I wasn't afforded such an option by my life experience. I understand this gets into a "biggest balls" contest real quick CK and I know that's how a lot of people take it when I tell my stories in here (which get ignored) but I simply won't tolerate it. Because here's the deal CK...EVERYTIME someone takes this you discredit/don't recognize the plight of the disadvantaged. That angers me. It angers me greatly. Because let me tell you something about the TRULY disadvantaged in this nation trying to make it. It isn't about having stuff or who is to blame or getting's about folks recognizing your plight and having the OPPORTUNITY to die on your own the rest of the folks in this nation have. That's all they really want CK when it comes down to it.
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