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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Doesn't Notre Dame play like half of the Big Ten teams every year already?
They do, in football, but, the huge stumbling block for Notre Dame joining the Big Ten is the fact they play in the Big East for most other sports. Rumor has it that when BC, Va Tech, and Miami bolted for the ACC the Big East instituted a $10 million buy out for the remaining schools if they wanted to jump ship.

I've long advocated for the Irish to join the Big Ten - and have even proposed various divisional formats for an expanded conference that includes them, one of them a revolutionary plan that carves up the conference into three four-team divisions and provides for conference semifinal playoffs (involving the three division winners and a wild card) as well as a title game.
That is really not feasible given the limits the NCAA puts on D-I programs and how many games that can play. It would mean having to drop an out-of-conference game, which would be bad for college football as I doubt those schools are dropping their cupcakes from the schedule. It also adds an extra layer for teams to trip up and miss out on a BCS game so I doubt they are going to be terribly interested in agreeing to something like that.

On the other hand, stealing a team from an existing BCS conference would be problematic on many levels and should not even be considered.
Yeah, it caused a lot of hard feelings when the ACC grabbed teams from the Big East.

Andrew, I had not heard Chicago University is even an option and I seriously doubt that has any teeth to it. You don't seriously believe the Big Ten is going to have any interest in fooling with a D-III program do you? D-III schools do not offer scholarships and the main reason they do so is they do not have the finances to support a D-I program. The Big Ten is going to want a school that is going to hit the ground running and not take 10 years to get up to speed with the rest of the conference.

The schools being bandied about seem to be Louisville, Cincinnati, Pitt, Rutgers, and Syracuse.

I do not see Syracuse jumping ship, they were not overly interested in the ACC and I doubt the Big Ten is that much more of an attractive conference to them.

Cincy is too close to Ohio State's backyard and they would probably lobby to keep them out.

Pitt and Rutgers seem to be the two schools being mentioned that have the most traction right now. Pitt makes sense as they are wedged in between Penn State and Ohio State so they have built in rivalries there and both their football and basketball programs are up to snuff with other Big Ten programs. Rutgers would give them a presence in the New York market.

I have a hard time seeing any Big 12 teams making the jump as there is no real incentive for them to do so. As it is right now the Big 12 is considered the superior league in both football and basketball so moving to the Big Ten is not really a step up for a Big 12 school.

Ultimately, they are probably going to have to look at one of the mid-major conferences like the MAC, Conference USA, WAC, or Mountain West and grab one of their better schools if they want to expand.
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