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Originally Posted by Andrew Jones View Post
I completely agree on University of Chicago being a terrible idea, but it has been tossed around, mostly to be driven into the ground because it is such a stupid idea. I think smaller conferences could be a possibility, but the teams you'd want to see join are just a touch too far away, Utah, Boise St. BYU etc. I think there'd be a decent possibility for South Dakota St. to join up, but they've just finished moving from DII to DI and making another move to the elite would be tough this soon I think.
I understand that a Big 12 team switching would cause some problems, but Iowa St. stands out to me as being a very good fit and filling the gap in the Big 12 would be a lot easier than the Big Ten with TCU and Houston looking pretty dang good, not to mention Utah, BYU and Boise St. would be closer to those schools and better fits in the Big 12 (in my opinion) anyway.
The reason why I think it might have to come from a smaller conference is there is no incentive for a Big 12 school to join the Big Ten. What does Iowa St. get out of the Big Ten they do not already get from the Big 12?

The reason the ACC was able to poach the Big East teams is they were then able to turn around and get better TV deals for football and create a conference championship game, something the Big East still does not have, generating even more revenue for the conference.

The Big 12 already has a conference championship game and probably has TV deals comparable to, if not better than, the Big Ten as it pertains to football and basketball. I just have a hard time seeing there being an overwhelming financial incentive for a Big 12 team to jump ship.

This is why they will have to try and poach a Big East team or settle on a school like a TCU, BYU, or Boise that would get some sort of benefit from joining the Big Ten, mainly being in a BCS conference that, in all likelihood, gets a shot at the Championship if it finishes undefeated.
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