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A few post-114 thoughts:

* Rampage looked totally outclassed against Evans. He's got heavy hands, so there's a puncher's chance against anyone, but he was no match for Rashad's speed and was on the defensive for 14 minutes out of 15.

* Dan Miller no longer looks like a promising prospect.

* Jason Brilz got robbed.

* I've never seen Diego Sanchez look like that. I don't know what the problem was, but there was definitely a problem. I agree with Dana White that I'd rather see him at 155 at this point. And if Gray Maynard beats Florian, we've got to do Florian/Sanchez II, don't we? At 160-catchweight, if need be.

* Dong Hyun Kim could be a factor at 170. So could John Hathaway, for that matter.

* Efrain Escudero looked like a serious up-and-comer six months ago, but I think he's quickly becoming a joke. I'd like to see him fight Ross Pearson.

Did you catch Dream.14 at all? I couldn't believe how easily Ralek Gracie handled Sakuraba.
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