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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
Rampage looked totally outclassed against Evans. He's got heavy hands, so there's a puncher's chance against anyone, but he was no match for Rashad's speed and was on the defensive for 14 minutes out of 15.

Being away 14 months and having to cut a whopping 46 pounds in order to make weight for the fight were also issues; and we'll never know what would have happened had Rashad not tried to foolishly stand and strike with an opponent who was four inches bigger than him last Memorial Day weekend - in a pathetic effort to prevent a bunch of beer-guzzlers who make $10 an hour from booing him.

Dan Miller no longer looks like a promising prospect.
For some reason, I was never big on him.

Jason Brilz got robbed.
Maybe if he fought where he belonged - probably 170 - he wouldn't be in a position to get robbed.

I've never seen Diego Sanchez look like that. I don't know what the problem was, but there was definitely a problem. I agree with Dana White that I'd rather see him at 155 at this point. And if Gray Maynard beats Florian, we've got to do Florian/Sanchez II, don't we? At 160-catchweight, if need be.

It might become real interesting if they put some sort of "title" on the line - as Florian is 0-3 lifetime in title fights, if one counts his loss to Diego in the TUF1 finale as such, and 14-1 otherwise (including his TUF1 semifinal win over Chris Leben).

Dong Hyun Kim could be a factor at 170. So could John Hathaway, for that matter.
A factor for second place to Georges St.-Pierre, maybe.

Efrain Escudero looked like a serious up-and-comer six months ago, but I think he's quickly becoming a joke. I'd like to see him fight Ross Pearson.
Junie Browning tried to warn us all that Escudero was a joke.

But you should never have to justify a win - and Escudero did win.

Did you catch Dream.14 at all? I couldn't believe how easily Ralek Gracie handled Sakuraba.
Isn't Dream now "allied" with StrikeForce and M-1, who are co-promoting a show on June 26th in San Jose?

Meanwhile, here's a link to my article. Hope you enjoy.
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