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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
I was puzzled that Rashad never shot on Machida, but I don't think he was ever going to win that fight. Machida has great takedown defense, and he's faster than Rashad. It wasn't just wrestling that Rashad used to beat Rampage; he was basically untouchable in the stand-up exchanges, because he was so much quciker than Jackson. The situation was reversed last year: Evans couldn't touch Machida, but kept getting tagged himself.

Maybe, maybe not; but at least he could have run Machida to a decision. After all, David Heath - another undersized wrestler type who has much less overall ability than Rashad - did.

I don't get it.

Jason Brilz is lucky that impersonating a LHW MMA fighter is not a crime. That's what I meant.

Florian's struggles in title bouts are well-documented, but obviously irrelevant here. I think he'd have to be a substantial favorite over Sanchez at this point. In fact, if he gets past Maynard and Frankie Edgar wins his rematch with B.J. Penn, Florian might be a slight favorite to capture the title.

More than a few people see Kenny Florian as the Fran Tarkenton or the Jim Kelly of the UFC.

Yeah. No one but GSP is likely to hold that belt any time soon. I consider people like Jon Fitch and such to be "factors" in the division, but I agree with you: GSP looks basically untouchable at the moment.

But would GSP move up to 185 if Anderson Silva moves up to 205?

MMA is an entertainment industry, and Zuffa is an entertainment company ... he needs to perform in such a way that people will pay for the privilege of watching him fight. Otherwise the company is losing money on him.

You could insert a lot of different names here.

Yes, they co-promote. Dream is getting smashed by Strikeforce, incidentally.

But how can you "smash" an ally? It's how the three of them - Strikeforce, M-1 and Dream - are doing against the UFC that counts.

I read the piece. That's quite the conspiracy theory. I disagree that Saturday's fight was lay and pray.

That depends on how "lay and pray" is defined; according to the prevailing view within the fan base - or at least that segment of same that screams the loudest - anything other than just standing there and striking equals "lay and pray."

But what about Jamie Yager the other night?
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