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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Maybe, maybe not; but at least he could have run Machida to a decision. After all, David Heath - another undersized wrestler type who has much less overall ability than Rashad - did.
Did you watch the Evans-Machida fight? Rashad never had a chance.

Originally Posted by Anthony
Jason Brilz is lucky that impersonating a LHW MMA fighter is not a crime. That's what I meant.
Anthony, I think you drastically overestimate the benefits of dropping a weight class. Brilz looked great against Little Nog, and that fight is the best thing that's ever happened to his career. Fdor Emelianenko is smaller than almost everyone he fights. Rashad is the #3 LHW in the world. Frankie Edgar is the UFC LW champion. Jose Aldo and Urijah Faber could both make 135.

I'm starting to think the benefits of not having to cut weight are a greater advantage than being larger than your opponent. Very few fighters are as effective when they switch to a new weight class.

Originally Posted by Anthony
But would GSP move up to 185 if Anderson Silva moves up to 205?
I really doubt it. GSP isn't ducking Anderson Silva, he's fighting at his natural weight class, where he is utterly dominating.

Originally Posted by Anthony
But how can you "smash" an ally? It's how the three of them - Strikeforce, M-1 and Dream - are doing against the UFC that counts.
I didn't mean financially. I meant head-to-head: Melendez over Aoki, Diaz over Sakurai, etc. You know, the actual fights.

Originally Posted by Anthony
But what about Jamie Yager the other night?
I guess that's what happens when you're used to fights lasting under a minute. He never looked the same after eating that first punch. I think we call that "dish it out but can't take it".
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