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Actually it has been legal in most U.S. states for quite some time now, New York being a notable exception, but that's likely to change should, as expected, Andrew Cuomo wins that state's gubernatorial election in three weeks, as Cuomo - a Democrat like his father Mario, himself a former long-time governor of the state - has come out in favor of legalization while his Republican opponent, Carl Paladino, has thus far remained silent on the issue (one of the few things he has in fact remained silent about!).

What you may be referring to, dagulskie, is the fact that Ontario, Canada's most populous province, has just sanctioned MMA, effective 12:01 AM on January 1 (it was already legal in Quebec, Manitoba, British Columbia, and perhaps other provinces as well). Dana White has wasted no time in announcing that a 2011 UFC card will be held in Toronto.
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