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Default Section V. The Final Tie-Breaker

If a tie still exists after the aforementioned steps have been applied, the following procedure shall be observed until a higher finisher has been determined:

Every game played that week will be ranked using the same criteria used to identify the tie-breaker games outlined in Section III above. The tied pickers' selections for the first game (the Monday night game in all weeks except Week 17) will be compared, and if one of the selections covered while the other(s) did not, the correct selection in this game will decide the tie-breaker. If the tied pickers selected the same team in this game, or the game ended in a push against the spread, the second game in the sequence shall be used, followed by the third, etc., until the tie is broken.

If a resolution has still not been reached after going through all of the games - that is to say, the tied pickers selected the same team in every game - the Best Bets will be used to decide the outcome, with the first unmatched winning Best Bet in the sequence deciding the outcome in that picker's favor, or the first unmatched losing Best Bet eliminating that picker (an unmatched Best Bet that pushed against the spread having no effect).

Any ties that may exist after all of the foregoing steps have been applied are not broken, and the result is a dead heat, with the tied pickers equally dividing the sum of the scores awarded to the places tied for (this can only arise if at least one game that week ended in a push against the spread).

In no case will two pickers be permitted to select both all of the same teams overall and all of the same Best Bets in a particular week. If this occurs, the picker who posted the selections last will be asked (via private message) to make at least one change, in either an overall selection or a Best Bet.

The complete order of priority for the upcoming week's games shall be posted in Section VIII below, and updated weekly.

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