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Default Section VII. Irregularities

Picks must be made by the kickoff of Sunday's early-time-slot games (1:00 PM ET); any picks posted after that time are void and the poster cannot earn any points for that week.

Any unpicked game (except for a game that was omitted from the contest due to no line being issued on it) counts as an automatic loss, even if the game ends in a push against the spread. A picker who left any game(s) unpicked in the original post will be requested (via private message) to add a selection(s) on such game(s); however, the Contest Administrator assumes no obligation to detect every single such instance, particularly in the case of picks posted very late in the week.

Picks submitted without Best Bets will be honored, but in case of ties such poster will be deemed to have finished in the lowest of the places tied for. In the case of fewer than three Best Bets being submitted, the omitted Best Bet(s) is treated as an automatic loss(es) for tie-breaking purposes. If more than three Best Bets are posted, the Best Bet record for tie-breaking purposes shall be the worst possible combination, out of three, that can be derived from the teams selected. In either event, the poster will be informed of the situation (via private message) and given the opportunity to add or delete a Best Bet(s), as applicable.

Under no circumstances can any pick (including a Best Bet) be changed once the post containing it has been issued an identifying number, except in the case of two pickers having selected both all of the same teams and all of the same Best Bets, in which event the last such poster will be requested (via private message) to make at least one such change. Failure to do so will result in the last such poster automatically losing the tie-breaker to the picker who posted the same selections first.

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