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What are my other options? Not voting, or voting for someone who can't win. Either way, nothing changes.

The thing that disturbs me here is that you actually got a degree in history and political science and believe this.

I'm not sure if that is necessarily true - it is probably true, but not definitely true.

Don't get pissy when old folks get angry at s-hit like this. Just sayin'...

I still believe that the system can be changed little by little. In my view, Barack Obama is better than George W. Bush. If he is elected, and people see a little change, maybe they will elect somebody better than him - and so on.

Why would you then vote for Obama over McCain? I mean, if you already know one would be "better" aren't you wasting your vote on a methodology you've already proven? Isn't there a chance things aren't improving for some folks regardless of who is in power? I sense the ethnocentrism angle again...

Call me naive, I know you will, but I don't think that is such a far fetched idea.

The idea is flawed in that you don't want to see how others view improvement in their world.

So what is your solution?

Secondly I would ask - do you think any president, or senator, or any elected person - has ever done anything to improve the lives of Americans?

It ain't directed at me but ...

1. My solution isn't more of the same. Didn't someone say insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results?

2. Government of, by and for the people with officials held accountable not only at the ballot box but in American culture. Often laws and political positions are what people want to hear - not what is right or can help. Until accountability is the people...for themselves and elected officials...self-interest will rule the process.

Has any elected official done anything to improve the lives of Americans?


Real question:

Has any elected official ever done anything to improve the lives of Americans in the process of gaining/protecting their own political power?

Another sure.

So, the party with fewer rich people is better?

Yeah, cuz that shows they care more.
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