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I'm not insulting anyone, simply poking at those too damn cheap to pay $4.95 a month to use an amazing service.

Just wait until Napster goes public. If you want a stock tip, here's one: BUY NAPSTER!

they won't go public for a long time though, the $10mil donations they get are good enough for what they need.

Fanning is set for life now, and Napsters Board of Directors has to charge the $4.95 a month to get the RIAA, and Dr. Gay (er. Dre?) as well as other lame artists off their back.

I bet napster will get $.05 of every signup. Besides, they won't be able to charge $$$ until Napster releases a final version of the software.

They're already teamed up with CDNOW, so I'm assuming that a full version 1.0 of Napster will be coming out by this summer, in which case, they will begin charging a monthly fee, and I will promptly pay it.

Those of you who are too cheap, check these sites out:


or just go to a good search engine like and search for "Artist MP3."

Pathetic that you have to whine about such things, those of you who are whining.
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