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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78
As annoying as Theisman is, the play-by-play guy for the Sunday Night Games (don't know his name, but you guys know who I'm talking about) fails to understand his role thus making him even more annoying. In the old days, the play-by-play guy was known as being "straight" (no, nothing to do with what goes on in the bedroom). He reported the happenings in a factual manner without putting emotion into the call. Now I don't mind a little "color" out of my "straight" guys (that is what the "color" guys are for though), but this guy dramatizes every play like it's the last second of the Super Bowl.

To top it off, after he gets done with his drama, Theisman chimes in to show us how big his balls are.

This is why I went through a big stage watching games on mute. Bad thing is, you can't help but feel you might miss something important if you don't have the sound on.
Totally! Such is the problem with Brett "Conversational Tone Drone" Musenburger during basketball games. He goes on rants and becomes too opionated at times just like that total doofus Mike Patrick. Know your damn role and stop trying to be a color commentator!

While on the subject of commentators, here's a funny Bill Simmons-esque log of the Duke/UNC game:

Dick Vitale is great for some things, but his ADD issues are infuriating. He goes off-topic more than he is on-topic.
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