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Geez, I watched the Pro Bowl last night and the classic Sunday Night Team was there and what a great way to the end their illustrious careers together. It was unbelievable how poor of a job announcing the game was.

I will never forget the play where the AFC punt returner (i think his name is Mathis) lets the ball drop and it clearly hits him in the leg. The ball rolls into the endzone and it is literally 5 NFC players against 2 AFC and somehow Bob Sanders gets the ball for the AFC and its now a touchback. Theismann and the other bafoon in the booth get in a tiff "that's such an awful call? a touchback? these refs...i just can't believe it"

Even after seeing the replays and being clearly able to see Bob Sanders grab the loose ball, those two morons were still saying that it was a bad call and that it should have been a touchdown for NFC. What a bunch of morons.
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