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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
You know of course that Dan Henderson has never been KO'd in his entire MMA career - of his six lifetime losses, four went the distance and he was submitted in the other two.
Stats like that worry me, just cause Dans never been KO'ed, just means theres a first time for everything.

I think the fight comes down to range. Anderson won't outwrestle Dan, and Dan won't outstrike Anderson.

Silva has to maintain distance with his reach, and when the fight does go to the clinch, he has to make the knees he throws count.

I don't see O'brien, or anyone in the HW division except for maybe Lesnar, taking Arloski down. From what I've seen, O'brien's standup leaves something to be desired. AA by KO if O'brien can't consistently get the takedown(which I don't think he can)
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