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Marc, the NHL is only worth $2.1 billion! This isn't the NFL here.

That said, when there is opportunity for growth, obviously you don't sell at what it's actually worth or even more than it's actually worth. The Leafs and Rangers and Wings and Flyers and Oilers and Cancuks and Avalanche, etc., can make LOADS of more money than whatever htey'd get under htis deal over time if the proper economic system is set up.

Ellis, I'd say the NHL revenues after this lockout will be between $1 and $1.5 billion. If the NHL goes out longer than this season then it'll definitely be less than $1 with ESPN and Budweiser pulling out almost definitley.

The concept of a blanket ownership isn't new... the WWF and NASCAR have prospered under it... but we also know what happened to the XFL.

Anyway, this would never happen to the NHL and we shouldn't consider this any longer than today.
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