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Unhappy Saints Got Jobbed!

The Vikings, Saints and Rams all finished 8-8, and during the season the Vikings beat the Saints head-to-head and the Saints beat the Rams head-to-head. So why didn't the Vikings and Saints make the playoffs instead of the Vikings and Rams?

Had this happened between 1970 and 1977, the Vikings and the Saints would have been the teams that got in, because in those years the head-to-head tie-breaker was applicable so long as every team involved in the tie had at least one opportunity to play one or more of the others - which would have given the Vikings the first wild card for being 1-0 against the other two teams, over the Saints' 1-1 and the Rams' 0-1. The Saints would then have gotten the second wild card due to their head-to-head win over the Rams (this tie-breaker was never actually invoked during that period because three second-place teams in the same conference never finished with the same record in the same year, but this was the procedure that was on the books).

This is a lot fairer than putting the Rams in for going 1-3 against the vastly superior AFC, when the Saints went 2-2 against AFC teams and the Vikings 3-1. The Rams were thus rewarded for doing better against weaker competition (7-5 within the NFC to 6-6 for New Orleans and 5-7 for Minnesota), and that simply ain't fair.

Wonder if there will be any complaints at the spring owners' meetings?
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