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Well, the "I think we are just used to the Pac 10 sucking" label can't be given to me. Seeing as I've supported the Conference the past couple of seasons and thought they had been underrated last season and the year before. This season the Pac-10 is not as good as it was last season. Because the Pac-10 was over-rated this year, USCs schedule comes off looking tougher.

CAL, for example is not a top 5 team, by any stretch and was blatantly exposed in their Bowl Game. If we knew that NOW, USCs strength of schedule wouldn't be as high.

The reason why Arizona State blew out Big Ten co-champs is because the Big Ten isn't that strong right now. The reason why Oregon State blew out Notre Dame is because Notre Dame is AWFUL.

You also didn't mention how UCLA lost to Wyoming.

The bottomline that you ignore Kevin is that I'm basing USCs Strength of schedule based on what we know NOW.

Going into the Bowls you'd have a valid point in linking those sites and then taking a shot at me, but you simply do not now, because you have chosen to ignore that Cal was rated entirely too high the entire season and lost to an average Texas Tech team.

So while you knock me for this "Who Doug thinks" crap, you completely kill any argument you have by still rating Cal as high as you do. Yet I don't see anyone throwing out a knock like the "admittedly unofficial Who Doug thinks" to you.
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