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Only one conference defeated three other BCS conference champs this year, two of which on neutral sites: The Pac 10. That doesn't even include anything Cal did. What Cal did was not show up for a bowl game they should've never been in to begin with. That was quite unprofessional of them, but if you are contending that they gave it their all, and they lost simply because they aren't as good as most thought and I'm giving them too much credit, than NOTHING THAT HAPPENED THIS YEAR MAKES ANY SENSE. Not the fact that Cal lost but one regular season game, and that was in LA, by a hair, to USC. I guess Texas Tech by extension was actually better than USC because Cal, after all, was "exposed" in the Holiday Bowl. That's what you get if you extend that logic to its logical conclusion. Why did they win every bleepin' game, every one, except USC if they were overated "all year?" Why didn't Cal get blown out in LA by USC if they were overrated "all year?" If the PAC 10 had a down year, than why did USC (who won four Pac 10 games by single digits), beat the Big 12 and ACC Champs, on neutral site, by DOUBLE digits? I guess just the best the rest of the country has to offer just inexplicably doesn't show up when they play the pac 10, and Texas Tech was the first team to show up against Cal. Yeah, that's it.

I will be HAPPY to name far more embarrassing losses by bowl teams in every other conference than UCLA/Wyoming, if you like.

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