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than NOTHING THAT HAPPENED THIS YEAR MAKES ANY SENSE. Not the fact that Cal lost but one regular season game, and that was in LA, by a hair, to USC. I guess Texas Tech by extension was actually better than USC because Cal, after all, was "exposed" in the Holiday Bowl. That's what you get if you extend that logic to its logical conclusion.
That's not a logical sports conclusion at all.

Why did they win every game but one? Because they are a good team. I don't believe I've said that they are not a good team. A good team and over-rated are two different things.

Same with USC. I never said USC was having a down season along with the Pac-10. I think USC is an incredible team and better than last season.

I will be HAPPY to name far more embarrassing losses by bowl teams in every other conference than UCLA/Wyoming, if you like.
Cool, despite that not being the issue at hand. The issue at hand being you propping the Conference up on their wins and ignoring their losses. All Conferences are going to get losses and wins in Bowl Games. Some bad, some good.

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