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USC and Oklahoma entered the year 1 and 2. And no matter what any other team in the entire nation does, if USC and Oklahoma don't lose, than they will remain 1 and 2.

I am a big SEC fan based on my location, but I have no doubts that this was the national championship game that should've been played. If this were an Auburn-USC Orange Bowl, than people would cry out that Oklahoma should've went. If it were Oklahoma-Auburn, than everyone whines about how USC missed out 2 years in a row. There's no possible way to satisfy everybody. Despite the title game's blowout, I still won't go back and change my mind.

Auburn also played an extremely weak out of conference schedule. Last year, the Tigers played USC, Georgia Tech, Western Kentucky, and UL-Monroe. This year they played UL Monroe, The Citadel, and Louisiana Tech. The best of those three (LA Tech) cruised to a 6-6 record and Sportsline ranked them 71 on the season.

USC played ooc Virginia Tech (who won the ACC Championship), BYU, Colorado State, and Notre Dame (51 by

Oklahoma played Bowling Green who went 9-3, clobbered a good Memphis team, and finished in the Top 25. They also played Houston and Oregon.

If Auburn would've played at least ONE good out of conference school, they might've been in the Orange Bowl.

Another thing... When both schools have TWO Heisman candidates a piece, it's hard to say no.

I will congratulate Auburn on a great year, but in the end, it was simply not the best of situations. Tough break... live with it.
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