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Anyone here from Mississippi? I guess they're not big on pro-football there. On they had a poll:
What's the best part about SB Sunday?
1. The Game
2. Commercials
3. Half Time
4. Your Party
49 states voted in favor of the game, but Miss had "commercials" is it's favorite. Now in their defense it was close, 42% said commercials and 38% said game.
I could never stand the 1/2 time show. It seems the bands are always over the age of 80, or under the age of 20... I love the Stones, but they're live stuff isn't quite what it used to be IMO. If they're under 20, its a teenie bopper band - there is nothing more annoying than that in the music business! I think most of America agrees w/ me here. The halftime show vote was 0-1% in all 50 states.
Commercials have declined over the years, I think maybe there are 2-3 good ones these days. But hey, at least there's no more "Bud Bowl"!!
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