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The thing that disturbs me here is that you actually got a degree in history and political science and believe this.
What disturbs me is that you teach history and can't understand the value in voting for a major party.

Why would you then vote for Obama over McCain? I mean, if you already know one would be "better" aren't you wasting your vote on a methodology you've already proven? Isn't there a chance things aren't improving for some folks regardless of who is in power? I sense the ethnocentrism angle again...
Things improved for "those folks" when Kennedy and Johnson were in power... You know, when poverty was cut in half.

The idea is flawed in that you don't want to see how others view improvement in their world.
No, I DO see how others view improvement in their world. You are the one who lacks understanding of opposing views.

I agree with you on most things, but find your methods unrealistic. That doesn't mean I don't understand your "cause."

1. My solution isn't more of the same. Didn't someone say insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results?
I don't want to do more of the same. More of the same would be electing Democrats, then Republicans, then Democrats, then Republicans.

I want to elect Democrats, Democrats, Democrats, Socialists, etc...

2. Government of, by and for the people with officials held accountable not only at the ballot box but in American culture. Often laws and political positions are what people want to hear - not what is right or can help. Until accountability is the people...for themselves and elected officials...self-interest will rule the process.
That's not a solution, that's an idea. We all want that. How do you suggest we make it happen?

Has any elected official done anything to improve the lives of Americans?


Real question:

Has any elected official ever done anything to improve the lives of Americans in the process of gaining/protecting their own political power?

Another sure.
If you really believe that EVERY politician is a self-serving person, not interested in the well being of Americans then you are just as ethnocentric as you accuse others of being.

Isn't it possible that Barack Obama REALLY wants to help people?

I can give you several reasons to believe he is, can you give me reasons to believe he is not?

So, the party with fewer rich people is better?

Yeah, cuz that shows they care more.
No, that doesn't show they care more, but their policies due - minimum wage, union support, equal pay for equal work, welfare-to-work, guaranteed benefits, over-time compensation, health care, etc...

There are plenty of reasons that the lives of the working poor improve under Democrats and get worse under republcans.
Do yourself a favor, become your own savior.

Think Fresh.
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