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I've been a Lakers fan since the '80s, and it's been exciting to see them play the last few years. However, I'm going to try to root for my hometown Kings this year because they deserve it. They're an exciting team to watch and they put out a great effort. I love their fast-paced passing game, and I'm tired of the Lakers playing sloppy ball until the 4th quarter. Their stats show that they aren't as strong this year, so I think it's the perfect opportunity for the underdog to swoop in.

Even though I'll be rooting for the Kings, I know that the Lakers will win because they've got the best defense and their bench produces - it's not just Shaq and Kobe who make the team. I still can't believe Horry wasn't 6th man.

Anyway, I'll be sad when the season is over since basketball is the only sport I really like watching. I didn't know what to do with myself yesterday after work since it seemed like the first day with no game on.

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