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My example of bad officiating is none other than that game seven call of the Cup finals with a minute left to go. If that was the regular season you'd make that call on Ference, but game seven of the cup finals with a minute left to go and the score is was a shame. Other than those types of calls, i think the NHL refs do exactly what they are told by the gentlemen' upstairs.

And often I think refs in all sports get a bad rap and they are the easiest to target. They're all human, just like the rest of us, and they do make mistakes...and obviously in big games too. As far as refs not admitting a bad call, you can't really say that since we never get the opportunity to hear them after the game. I've seen a lot of make up calls this year though, which I appreciated when a ref made a bad call and knew it...he'd draw a make up call on the other team.

I believe that a ref can never cost you a game. Even if it's the final second or minute left. It's ultimately the players who determine the outcome of a game. There will be bad calls, but part of sports is about moving on and overcoming all the circumstances.
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