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I just don't understand why the NHL allows such a level of extremes when it comes to referees. Some games you will see two teams beating the hell out of eachother, knocking eachother down, battling, and then out of nowhere, even though the game was being clawed out for the past 45 minutes, they will call a penalty that could have easily been called before, but suddenly they decide to make a call. Other times there are just too many penalties and the game has no flow. From game to game there is absolutely no consistency.

The playoffs normally are pretty well officiated, but thats because its mostly the more experienced referees. The regular season from game to game is pretty bad alot of times. As a fan not just of the Flyers, but as someone who watches games whenever ESPN shows them, it just seems like the NHL could dictate to the referees to control the game, make the obvious calls, but let the players play. Some of the newer referees just make too many calls. I've noticed a couple of the newer referees like to make 2-3 weak/borderline calls in the first 10 minutes to sort of "lay down the law" then they won't call those kind of thigns again. But it ruins the flow of the first period, and puts the players off base.

If the regular season was refereed like the playoffs I would be happy. No weak calls, the only thing about the playoffs was as you mentioned, not all referees are willing to make a call depending on what part of the game. A penalty that will almost 100% be called in the first two periods, might not be called in the last 5 minutes with some referees. In the playoffs the referees also tend to let some players get away with more and more and more. Just too many weak calls though.
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