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I agree about the referring being inconsistent, it's been like that for the past 10 years. Personally, i'd like to see them making more of the brutal non-calls in the playoffs. I agree about letting the players play and everything, but over the years there are some hits and charges that absolutely needed to be called. I am tired of seeing guys get muged in the playoffs with no penalty. Maybe this year was the only case, but in years previous you'd only see a call if somebody literally couldn't walk anymore.

If the NHL told the refs to call the regular season like they do the playoffs, guys would be out left right and center. You'd see injury after injury and players would be worn out before the playoffs even started. I am in agreement with you on seeing consistent referring with the NHL. Regular season and playoffs are completely night and day. The more physical teams have the advantage in the playoffs rather than the skilled and more talented teams.
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