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Well as I mentioned, the officating in the playoffs is fairly good, except for the tendency to let players get away with a little too much. I personally don't believe in penalties just because the player was hurt. You can cream somebody with a body check and 9 out of 10 times they pop back up, the crowd is happy, no one is hurt, the game goes on. But sometimes that exact same hit does hurt someone, and it is a penalty not because of the way the hit was made or because of intent, but only because someone was hurt.

I think if the players knew the game was going to be called like it is in the playoffs all the time, they would pace themselves and control themselves. Just let the little stuff slide, let the players battle, but maintain control. If players are constantly pushing and shoving at every stoppage then yes, maybe matching roughing penalties should be made to calm it down. I just hate seeing weak hooking/tripping/obstruction calls. If a player is screaming down the ice with the puck with 30 seconds left, and his team is losing 2-1, if he is hooked slightly he is not going to go down, he will fight through the hook and try and make a play. Oppositely if it is the 1st period and it is 1-1, and his arm is getting hooked, many times the player will allow himself to be pulled down to draw a penalty. Look at the play Kovalev made, his hand was slashed, he tryed to accentuate the play and draw a penalty, unlike the regular season, the refs were not going to give him that, and his team lost out because of it. I hate those kind of weak calls.

Referees also call a penalty for the MOTION of a slash. Not taking into account for intent or how hard. Some slashes can't even be classified as a slash. Just like a slight tug is not a hooking call, the hook isn't called based on the motion, but on how hard/long you hook the person. Yet weak slashing calls are made all the time. I don't believe the more physical team always has the advantage, look at Mark Recchi, he's 5'8" but he bangs like hes 6 inches taller. Some players will not play as hard as required. Look at some bigger players that simply do not perform or go into the dirty areas and they are criticised for it. Most of the teams are fairly even if you look at average weight/height, its how the team uses it. John Leclair is big, but he is no where near as effective as he used to be.
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